How to Get Paid 4% When Working with Buyers Regardless of What is Being Offered, Avoid The NAR Class Action Lawsuits and Circumvent MLS Altogether!

Complimentary 45 minute Video Training Course, Shows Buyers Agents How to Get Paid Premium Fees Instead of Relying on Listing Agents for Payment

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“Prepare to be inspired to think differently and give yourself a pay raise. Don’t let this training pass you by. It’s transformative and paramount to dealing with the changes in how buyers agents get paid!”




“I was captivated by the Buyer Agent Training… It provided brilliant solutions that directly addressed the challenges in my real estate business of getting paid what I believe I am worth. The practical insights shared were invaluable and immediately led to more income per transaction. If you’re seeking game-changing strategies, this is a must!”




“Make sure to take this training. I have gone from 50 sales to 500+ sales using this system. It doesn’t matter what a listing agent is paying out if anything… we get 4% plus a transaction fee on buyer sales. Which has been instrumental in being able to reinvest money back into my business to grow it. We are on track for $10 Million in Revenue… that’s INCOME, not sales volume and this SYSTEM is why!”


The Future of Buyer Agent Commissions

In the midst of multiplying class action law suits, news headlines ponder the future of real estate agents.

With all the talk about Buyer Agent Commissions… how will you get paid?

You must be informed about what’s at stake, how it is likely to impact you and what you can and should do to insulate your business against these changes.

If you aren’t sure what all the fuss is, you can see what it’s all about on the free training.

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I have long maintained that a Seller being pushed to pay the buyers agent (who works for the buyer not the seller) was not a good business practice.

Think about it for a moment…

Imagine going to court and you discover that your attorney, whom you are paying, is paying the attorney representing the person suing you…

How would you feel about that?

If this NAR business practice of ‘a listing agent MUST offer compensation to a buyer’s agent…’ were truly explained to the Seller… I don’t believe they would go for it. Do you?

Hence the class action law suits underway and piling on. Sellers suing agents, NAR and many of the real estate companies agents have their license with.

We however WILL NOT be named in these law suits.


Because the agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty do not operate that way.

We do things differently… as our name implies.

Buyers’ agents learn week one how to successfully set, negotiate and collect an optimum (premium) fee when working with buyers.

Agents get paid upfront, they get paid 4% commission and they get paid a ½% transaction fee.

It doesn’t matter what the Listing Agent or Seller is offering.

And since what they are offering is going down and likely going away altogether… the agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty are safe.

But… are you?

Our mission statement is to Go Serve Big! In keeping with that mission statement, we believe we should SHARE how we do things.

How we do things works far better than the way NAR, your broker or your coach is telling you.

In fact, we guarantee that our SYSTEM is the BEST at marketing, sales, negotiating and service skill training… that if anyone can show better we will donate $10,000 to the charity of their choice.

So to do our part in helping agents, we have put together a free 45 minute training video.

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​If you like the concept of working with a buyer like you do sellers… while getting paid 35% to 50%+ more than the average agent…

Take advantage of this free training.

I’m confident it will help you navigate the B.S. NAR has created.


“The strategies have completely transformed our real estate business. We used to struggle with finding quality buyers and sellers, but now we have a thriving real estate business with a consistent flow of solid prospects… and I earn 50% more than all the other agents around me on the same sales price.”

Your Home Sold
Guaranteed Realty

Success Story



“This training is insane value! It completely turns the tables on how the majority of agents do real estate. And since MOST struggle… that is the #1 reason to watch it and implement it. I have gone from struggling to Millionaire Agent in part due to this SYSTEM.”

Your Home Sold
Guaranteed Realty

Success Story



“I was skeptical at first, but the training blew me away. No more worrying about what I was going to earn on a sale… 2.5% or what. No. Now I get paid upfront. I get paid 3.5% to 4.5% commission and I’m now a Millionaire Agent!”

Your Home Sold
Guaranteed Realty

Success Story


I know you may be skeptical.

But don’t worry. I’ll get to my other “hidden motive” for giving away our secrets to real estate pros like you in just a moment.

Right now, it’s a FACT the Real Estate Industry is in the Middle of a PERFECT STORM That Will Demolish Agents Who Are Ill-Equipped to Deal with What’s Ahead.

This is a MAJOR reason we are giving this training away… to address these issues head on since most real estate companies, coaches and industry insiders are struggling with real solutions…

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For Example:

  • ​According to the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO), there are more than 3 million people holding active real estate licenses just in the United States. There are 106,548 real estate brokerage firms operating just in the United States. There are MORE people with a real estate license than there are homes for sale! So Differentiation and Owning Your Own Marketing Pipeline is critical.
  •  ​It’s Getting More and More Costly to Generate Listings (Competition Issue).
  •  ​It’s Getting Harder to Find Buyers a Home to Buy (Active MLS Inventory Issue).
  • When Prospects See Your Marketing, they Go to Google vs Calling You (Customer Behavior Has Changed).
  •  ​I-Buyers are Gaining More and More Market Share (Competition Issue).
  • You want a team, but You Don’t Know HOW to Recruit, Hire, Train and Manage one for freedom and profit (association problem) obviously because you haven’t done it before!
  • Zillow, Redfin, (and others) use your listings to build their Billion Dollar Companies (Model Problem).
  • Real Estate Commissions Continue to Decline as a percentage of sale for You (Brand Positioning and Value Proposition Problem).
  • MLS’s/Boards Force You to Operate Like Everyone Else (Model Problem).
  • You Don’t have and haven’t seen a Proven Written Plan and System for Predictably Getting Business and Using that Business to Get More Business, scaling up to an actual real business that you OWN vs work in all the freaking time!
  • You are on a Perpetual Income Roller Coaster, Wearing all the Hats, Trying to Be All Things to All People (Model Problem).
  • You Are Not Making Enough Money Per Sale to Support Your Lifestyle and Scale-up Your Business Simultaneously (Model Problem).
  •  ​​Little to No Repeat Business (Model problem).
  • Growing and Being Profitable Regardless of The Market Conditions (Model Problem).
  • A survey published by Zipwhip shows 87% of respondents ignore calls from unknown numbers. PEW RESEARCH CENTER Reveals Only 19% of Americans generally pick up cell phone calls from unknown numbers, and According to Entrepreneur, 75% of millennials avoid phone calls altogether. Bottom line… leads and prospects do not answer the phone.
  •  ​Inman reported in June that according to a survey conducted by Clever, a real estate consumer resources and data firm, people are willing to take on average $45,400 less for their homes to avoid the current home sale model, especially if they get to choose a closing date, and that 65 percent of homeowners would consider selling their homes to an iBuyer. Good news if you are an I Buyer… but if you are a real estate agent or broker… you are toast!

There are other issues and problems that we have the solutions to. You just got to access the FREE Training to SEE some of them.


  • ​Are you a real estate agent… do you want to wake up every morning to an inbox exploding with itching-to buy and sell appointments, not leads, but appointments?
  • Are you a Team Leader – who would like to see your TEAM bursting with new clients?
  •  ​Are you a broker owner – who wants an overflow of the most highly-qualified buyers and sellers waiting in line to do business with your agents?
  • Do you have a real estate business you’d like to see swamped with customers?
    ​Are you a Team Leader who would like to sell so many homes a year you have to run extra shifts with your team 24/7 just to meet the demand?
  •  ​Are you a salesperson who needs more closings?
  • Are you a Broker Owner who is always in the know with innovative strategies, so you can better serve your agents and consumers?
  •  ​Do you have listings you’d like to sell?
  •  ​Do you have any buyers you’d like to get into the perfect home?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions… You should…

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and SEE How we have turned the tables on all these problems real estate agents and brokers are having right now.

You COULD sum up this FREE TRAINING this way:
Make a list of all the real estate industry norms and standards, and seek to simultaneously, legally and ethically, violate every single one of those norms and standards.

This is our thing… its how we do business… and it likely happens differently than you may think.

In fact… Here are our SIX KEY SYSTEMS inside our Quantum Leap System for FULL Transparency.


How to Get Paid 4% When Working with Buyers Regardless of What is Being Offered, Avoid The NAR Class Action Lawsuits and Circumvent MLS Altogether!

EVERYTHING we do exists inside these six boxes. This FREE TRAINING reveals some of it and will help you SEE the real estate business a different way. In this TRAINING you will see how to try out our “VIP BUYER SYSTEM” for your own real estate business. Nothing is for sale in this training. It is absolutely 100% free.

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“The best decision we made for our real estate careers. The teachings on working with buyers and attracting sellers and standing out from the competition were eye-opening. We implemented just a few of the things revealed and saw immediate results. Now, we have a thriving business and a steady stream of clients. Don’t hesitate to get this book– it’s a game-changer!”

– Tami Goodwin & Erika Page



“I can’t recommend this enough! The unique approach to extreme differentiation completely transformed the way I market myself as an agent. Since implementing his strategies, I’ve seen a significant increase in leads and conversions. If you want to take your real estate business to the next level, don’t miss out on this.”

– Ricardo & Catalina Nadal



“We came from the REO world and didn’t have the “Business” mindset. We were putting in long, exhausting hours and getting paid very little. We made a CHANGE! Now, our business is entirely different! Why not learn from the best? Go to those that have success, and don’t reinvent the wheel! We implemented the Guaranteed Sale Program, and that was a Game Changer! We also love giving back to our community, and our clients love that we do this! It just becomes second nature to give back to your community! Everyone likes to be part of something where you are helping someone else! Make sure to grab this book and read it; we are sure glad that we did!”

– Luis & Shelly Salas


What you will discover in this FREE TRAINING is easy to follow and wastes no time in going straight for the jugular of the industry crap that is killing agent careers, teams and brokerages.
No filler or fluff.
Just hard-hitting actionable strategies, you can use RIGHT AWAY to dramatically grow your business.
Once you apply this ‘VIP BUYER SYSTEM’ You’ll probably wanna make some serious changes in your business, at least as much as humanly possible.
Just know this…
This TRAINING isn’t some nonsense outdated airy-fairy ‘theory’, no.
It includes the most concise, hardest-hitting, no-holds-barred, and street-tested tactics… For immediately selling more homes and making more money than anyone could ever imagine possible. This is the stuff that’s working right now.
Neither is it some thinly veiled “sales pitch” for some other product or service we have to sell.
And it’s most certainly not some thin content lead generation stuff that sucks harder than a Dyson.
Because listen here…
They say the more you give, the more you get.
And since we want to get a lot!
We are giving you a lot in this TRAINING…
(some say too much *throat-punch whoever said that, would ya?)
And that’s…

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And this is just the beginning!

​If you would like to 10X your success, get off the income roller coaster and get your life back, then start here with this FREE TRAINING… if you haven’t yet.

Okay, as I mentioned before, this TRAINING IS FREE


I realize this all might seem too good to be true…

So you might be wondering what the “catch” is.

And I know there are some shady websites out there that offer you a great deal on something…

But then they stick you in some program that charges your card every month. Unspeakable monsters.

But don’t worry, skippy – because this isn’t one of them.
No way. Absolutely not.

There’s NO hidden “continuity program”, hooks, gimmicks or shenanigans of any type.

We are literally giving you OUR SOLUTIONS TO ALL THE BUYER AGENT PROBLEMS YOU ARE FACING RIGHT NOW in this 45 Minute Training… for free.

And all I’m asking is that you watch it with an open mind… very open. Primarily because what you are going to discover IS NOT NORMAL.

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Well, there are 2 reasons…


Look, success doesn’t come easy.
And no one manages to make their dreams a reality without a combination…
Of hard work and others opening and holding the door for them from time to time.

This is my way of ‘sending the elevator back down’.
As this TRAINING reveals the road map I found shortly after starting out in business. And…


Look, rather than trying to “convince” you that our system works better than anything else.

We’d rather just show you.

Because I know that after we show you solutions to real business stopping problems…

You’re gonna wanna stick with us for a very long time.

Come closer and listen carefully when I say this…

A business owner gets a customer to make a sale. A business builder makes a sale to start a relationship.

And my hope is that you’ll love this FREE TRAINING and this will be the start of a good business relationship for years to come.

But just to be crystal clear…

There’s no obligation now… or… at any time.

To do anything with us… ever!

But with all that said, you need to…

Here’s why…

This offer is extremely limited and won’t last long!

We’re only offering this 45 Minute Free Training Course for now. When its OVER its OVER.

And this isn’t some sort of fake scarcity.

You can do as I did, call your Mom to say, “I made it!”

But know this, we reserve the right to pull it down at any time with no notice. (And we have reluctantly had to do so in the past…damn you Craig!)

Make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity and to ensure that you don’t, you need to act now…

Otherwise, you’ll be sad and we don’t want that!

Let’s see… what else?
Oh yes…


Okay, buckle up…
Cause we 100% Guarantee the SUCCESS OF THE SYSTEMS REVEALED in this TRAINING…

You heard that correctly.

Agents at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty are Guaranteed Upfront and In Writing that If they try the strategies outlined in this TRAINING and they don’t earn an extra $100K in the next 12 months, we pay them the difference*.

That’s right.

How’s that for fair with ANYONE who puts the SYSTEM to work in their business or brokerage?

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and enjoy the training.

Go Serve Big!!!
Phil Aitken

In fact… Here are our SIX KEY SYSTEMS inside our Quantum Leap System for FULL Transparency.

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